on my way to lolla with my ex and he and his friend think I’m asleep and are talking about the new girl he’s hooking up with!!!! omg yay!!!! love life!!!!!

about me

Where I’m from: ohio
Where I would like to live: a city, somewhere like austin
Favorite food: spaghetti w marinara sauce, mac n cheese
Religion: jewish
Sexual orientation: straight
Favorite book: harry potter series, tender is the night
Eye color: hazel
Favorite movie: heathers or donnie darko or clueless
Favorite TV show: the office
Favorite day of the year: my bday i guess
Favorite color: green
If I have any pets: sadly no :(
Last movie I’ve watched: the vice documentary abt north korea
What’s my ringtone: p sure the doctor who theme from my obession 2 yrs ago
What my name means: princess ~
Favorite superhero: catwoman she sexy af


repeat after me friends: 

  • vaginas are self-cleaning
  • there is no such thing as a dirty vagina
  • unless you have an infection 
  • in which case  your vagina still isn’t dirty but you should really go see a doctor 
  • but yeah
  • vaginas aren’t “clean” or “dirty” they’re self-cleaning acidic muscular tracts 
  • so fuck off

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